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How did you get to B17:

It all began with a quick phone call while working at Guitar Center in Pro Audio. I moved here from Asheville, NC and It’s been a dream of mine to be a professional producer and audio engineer. Through mentorship of Charles Allison assisting him for NPR, I gained enough confidence to walk into such an epic musical space! Ultimately, through the wonderful camaraderie and support we give each other here I found myself finding my place as a leader in the best studio the Chattanooga area has to offer!

What sets B17 apart from any other studio:

What sets us apart is how much we care about the experience of being in a professional recording studio. We care about our client’s vision and we care about their goals just as much as our own! To bring the musicians and artists here the best product they can get and we can give is only the start. How can we make the experience of achieving your best sound the greatest and most memorable? We are a special team of leaders, teachers, and ambitious producer-engineers who care about making everyone around us succeed.

Favorite part of your job:

The part about my job I find to be my favorite is the opportunity to build and maintain a team of audio engineers far more skilled than I ever will be. My job is to help keep these guys busy, to do everything I can to help them succeed, and encourage an environment that suits them to be their very best. To have my job be “Surround yourself and this environment with the very best and good willed talented engineers you possibly can” is an absolute privilege that I couldn’t feel more blessed to have. To be surrounded daily by success

Favorite piece of gear at the studio:

Our brand new mac pro! There’s so much amazing equipment, outboard gear, mics, pres and compressors that we have. But, to have a computer that has enough juice to allow the full breadth of creative exploration of the potential our equipment has is an absolute must for the kind of production I do as a beat-maker and producer-engineer. I often bring my modular synthesizer into the studio and blend my analog equipment with the software we use here that just wouldn’t be possible anywhere else I know of.

Hobbies outside of music:

I am also a visual artist! When I am not in the studio I am outside in nature field recording and painting landscapes, doing comic art, and exploring 3D modeling and programming for games!

Favorite record of all time:

This is difficult, because I have all time favorites for different genres. Though, my “aesthetic influence” playlists for when I am listening to music to get fresh influences in sonics has consistently had Shlohmo’s “Bad Vibes” record thrown in there. An absolute masterpiece fusion of noise, lo-fi, downtempo, hiphop, and IDM.
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