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How did you get to B17:

Growing up, I played in multiple metal bands. Music has always been my passion. I got into the production side of the business a few years in, and recorded demos for my own bands as well as a few other locals. I recorded at Breaker 17 with one of my bands in 2011, and really enjoyed the experience. Fast forward, in 2017 I began looking for a studio to produce with and Breaker 17 immediately came to mind. I started a short time later, and have loved every minute since.

What sets B17 apart from any other studio:

The people and the experience are what set Breaker 17 apart. No matter what engineer you work with, you’ll be pleased the experience and end result. The atmosphere is a mixture of modern and vintage and inspires artists of any genre. From the time you start to the time you finish, you’re guaranteed to enjoy yourself and be excited about your work.

Favorite part of your job:

Take the vision the artist has in their head, and translating it through the speakers. My goal is for them to leave thinking “I never thought we could sound like that”.

Favorite piece of gear at the studio:

A Neumann U87 through a Manley VOXBOX is magical.

Hobbies outside of music:

I am a proud Disney Parks enthusiast.

Favorite record of all time:

It would have to be Def Leppard – Pyromania. “Mutt” Lang is a producing genius.
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