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How did you get to B17:

In 2014, I finished my schooling and interned at Reach Records in Atlanta. It was definitely one of the greatest times of my life especially because I got to work and interact with artists that I grew up listening to as well as make new friends. After that, I came back home to Chattanooga. After looking for a studio, Breaker 17 came up as the best so I came in for an interview and the rest is history.

What sets B17 apart from any other studio:

Lol. Everything. We have an eclectic selection of gear, the culture we have here is one of camaraderie and support, we have the biggest rooms, greatest audio engineers, and we have the VIBE. 

Favorite part of your job:

I can literally sit down and make somebody’s feelings come out of the speakers at the highest of qualities.

Favorite piece of gear at the studio:

Out of everything we have? I’d say the Slate Digital ML-1 microphone with it’s software. I haven’t found a single thing more versatile than that.

Hobbies outside of music:

Anime and gaming. I’ve also been getting more into politics than ever before. #YangGang

Favorite record of all time:

That’s a hard one because there have been several that have left a lasting mark on me. At first thought I’d say Don’t Waste Your Life by Lecrae ft. Cam. That being said, since its release, my favorite song has been Sweet Victory by Trip Lee ft. Dimitri McDowell and Leah Smith.
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